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30 May 2011 @ 05:30 pm
round 1: challenge 3 - WINNERS!  
There are 2 eliminations this challenge...again

(with -2 votes)

(with -2 votes)




I'm sorry to see you go girls, hope you'll stick around for votings and come-back challenge later

People's choice
(with +2 votes)

Mod's choice





Your votes:
#1) +1
#2) +3/-2 (+1)
#3) -2
#4) +2
#5) -2

If you want to read your comments, please comment with the number of your icon
You can find your icon number HERE
summerebbs on May 30th, 2011 03:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the votes, guys! Could I please get the comments for #4?
light_ofmy_life on May 30th, 2011 04:08 pm (UTC)
Congrats to you!
Here are your comments:
- (I love the colors, the text and the crop. it all fits together :))
- Love the coloring, the vibrant purple. The crop is great. The text is just perfect. One small crit --- on the left side of his face, at the top, above the text, it looks like it was blurred or something and makes it look a bit "off".
Rossella: Katie McGrath - DIVAsallyna_smile on May 30th, 2011 04:41 pm (UTC)
I knew it XD
I've never really agreed with that icon XD

congrats to the winners! :P
i was hiding under your porch because i love you: {MLN} the once and future kinglastyearswishes on May 31st, 2011 04:40 am (UTC)
Congrats to the winners!